Packing Shoes To Ship

It is important to pack your shoes well for shipping.

Photo of box of packed shoes
How to pack your shoes

A properly packed box makes shipping much more efficient, prevents boxes from breaking in transit, reduces carbon emissions and only takes a few minutes.

3 Easy Steps:

1) Shoe Recycling Fundraiser provides the boxes for you for local pick up. If you would like to use your own boxes, please check in with us so that we can help at

2)Pack the shoes tight in the box (like in the picture above). Putting kids shoes in the spaces between the adult shoes helps a lot. Taking an extra 2 minutes to pack the box makes all the difference.

3) Each box holds from 50 to 60 pairs of shoes and should weigh no less than 55 pounds – but not more than 68 lbs. Using a bathroom scale helps measure how you are doing.

Once the boxes are packed, weighed and ready to go, let us know and we will send you UPS labels by email.